Just Commit Foundation

Just Commit Foundation Incorporates ICT for environmental conservation; access to information and justice for all for land registration/acquisition in Ghana.


Normally the only thing poor people in rural areas own are their lands. Land ownership disputes are causing problems among families in Ghana. Ownership of family lands in rural areas is by oral tradition. In Ghana, most land disputes have been caused by traditional leaders and individuals selling one land to more than one person.

According to the Town and Country Planning Department (TCPD) of the Obuasi Municipal Assembly (OMA), about only 2% of land buyers/sellers ascertain the following information before purchasing/selling a land. First, land ownership; second, the legal processes involved in the acquisition/sale of a land and; third, the suitability of a land for a purpose. This is defrauding the buyers. Land Litigation cases are rampant among court cases. Land disputes and litigation are causing troubles within and among families, communities and ethnic groups all over the country.

There has been a lot of demolishing exercises carried out; flooding, & tidal waves raiding lands. These as results lead to environmental degradation, the loss of precious lives, huge sums of money, time & properties due to the destruction of business infrastructures and houses which affect the financial status of people, their family & SMEs. The major contributing factors are lack of information on the suitability of a land for a purpose and ignorance on the step by step land registration process.

Partnership: with stakeholders in Land Management: Traditional Chief Stool Land Owners, Town and Country Planning, Lands Commission, Law Court and Assembly Men/Women.

What we do:

  • Educating and Engaging community members on the legal step-by-step registration process involved in land acquisition through Community meeting, and Mass Media.
  •  Just Line (Helpline) for guide on the step by step process involved in Land acquisition.
  • Impact: In the next 5-10 years Just Land seeks to register 60,000 (6070.3 ha)  Lands , save countless lives, prevent environmental degradation, save families’ properties & funds worth $ 8.9 B lost due to land ownership disputes.


    Environmental Impact:

    We purchase or lease lands involving ecosystems underrepresented in the public protected areas system, restoring & connecting habitat and fragmented landscape ecosystem services.

    We prevent unauthorized building activities which causes environmental degradation destroying plant species, water bodies and air quality affecting climate change.

    We provide information on the suitability of lands for their planned purpose and avoid destroying protected areas.

    Our Capacity:

    • A proven capacity to implement land acquisition projects
    • Experience and capacity concerning the effective management of a conservation area
    • Experience and capacity in the field of project management, financial management and control
    • Seek to harmonize with the needs, views, expertise and experience of local stakeholders.
    • Taking into account local participation in conservation and management of the area to be acquired.



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