JUXT FUND: To Apply for financial Aid CALL 0322493361 / 0209541716
  • One stop shop for fast, affordable, efficient and reliable services land acquisition / registration.
  • Obtain financial support as a rural farmer to register your land.
  • Pay installments for your land documents.
  • No interest, just service charges.
  • Helplines, USSD / Mobile Money Services.
  • Community Engagement and Education on the importance of land registration.

Our Partners: Stakeholders in Agriculture and Land registration services.

Scalability: The problem exists at national and international expanse so the solution is applicable at these expanses.

Vision: We target the United Nations Sustainable development Goal 2 : Zero Hunger through  prevention of destruction of farmlands saving food and preventing famine by registering and obtaining legal land documents for rural farmers in order to prevent encroachment and loss of their farmlands to illegal miners and other activities.

Problem: Land ownership disputes lead to loss of precious lives, family funds and properties worth billions of dollars.

We discovered from our market research that rural farmers in Obuasi, a mining community in the Ashanti Region of Ghana do not have the necessary financial support to register their lands therefore they lose their farmlands to encroachment by small scale legal and illegal miners and other development activities. These farmers lose their farmlands and source of livelihood without compensation since they do not have legal land ownership documents.


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