JUST COMMIT LIMITED (J-COMMIT) is registered in Ghana as a Company Limited by Shares Company 1963 (Act 179).

Mission: Incorporation of GIS for providing creative, effective and long-lasting solutions to land ownership disputes.

Vision:  Just Land envisions Land Management in Ghana and Africa strongly relying on GeoSpatial Technologies for effective decision-making by the year 2020.

The Problem:

All class of manner of people in Ghana lack information on land acquisition / land registration process. They do not understand land acquisition/registration process. Those who inquire find it time consuming to go through the long bureaucratic process involved in land registration. The land sellers chiefs/individuals take advantage of this and sell a land to more than one person causing land ownership disputes. Some families also lose their ancestral / family lands as results of land ownership disputes or inadequate finance to register their lands.

Our Solution:

We provide land acquisition/registration information for families who own ancestral lands and for land buyers through our Online platform, Just Line (Help Lines) and face to face discussion.

We help our customers legal land registration documents such as Survey, Site Plan, Lease, Building Plan, Building Permit and Land Title Registry Certificate.

We provide these service on credit for customers with inadequate finances and they pay in installments.

For more information contact jjustland@gmail.com

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