Jjust Land Foundation


Through Open-Ended Discussions and Partnership with stakeholders in Land Management: Traditional Chief Stool Land Owners, Town and Country Planning, Lands Commission, Law Court, Assembly Men/Women and more we:
Educate and engage community members on the legal step-by-step registration process involved in land acquisition through Community meeting and Radio/TV.

Priority Project Areas

  • Land acquisition (through purchase or lease) to secure areas hosting species
  • Working on the securing, restoring and connecting habitat of primates
  • Acquisition of areas with a high biodiversity value, like AZE sites or IBAs.
  • Land acquisition (through purchase or lease of areas that are important for securing the connectivity in a landscape (corridors).
  • Project in which the acquisition of land is part of a broader approach to secure and restore connectivity in a fragmented landscape and/ or to secure ecosystem services.
  • Land acquisition (through purchase or lease) involving ecosystems underrepresented in the public protected areas system.

Our Capacity:

  • A proven capacity to implement land acquisition projects
  • Experience and capacity concerning the effective management of a conservation area
  • Experience and capacity in the field of project management, financial management and control
  • Seek to harmonize with the needs, views, expertise and experience of local stakeholders.
  • Taking into account local participation in conservation and management of the area to be acquired.

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