Justice Innovation with most Impact

On 29th September, Just Land was awarded the Justice Innovation with the most impact in West Africa.

As the last but certainly not least of our boostcamps this year, our event at the IDEA Hub Lagos was filled with innovative ideas and experiences to remember! Congratulations to the six West African entrepreneurs that participated and the extensive efforts contributed by each one of you. Whilst the overall winners were Moh Ni Bah, we had winners for impact; Just Land and the sustainability winner went to AnthonyRhodes. The venue was packed, with a high turnout and an excited jury! The jury consisted of leading Ope Olugasa, the CEO of the Law Pavilion, Afua Osei, the co-founder of SHE LEADS AFRICA, Akingbolahan Adeniran, the Rule of Law Advisor, Office of the Vice-President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Wale Ajiboye, an Acumen Fund Fellow and Shade Ladipo, the Executive Director Nigeria, WeConnect International. We also had an inspiring keynote speech given by Olubukola Salami, the Director of the Office of the Public Defender.

Samuel Baddoo from Swiftlaw writes about his experience at the boostcamp in Lagos:

“What excites me is the fact that another person has seen that my idea is a good one – that alone makes me a winner, that alone gives me hope. Even if I don’t win anything, that alone is good for me.” 

Overall winner: Mô Ni Bah

Impact Winner: JustLand

Sustainability Winner: AnthonyRhodes

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