The Problem

Normally the only thing people own is their land. In Ghana, most land disputes have been caused by traditional leaders and individuals selling one land to more than one person. According to the Town and Country Planning Department (TCPD) of the Obuasi Municipal Assembly (OMA), about only 2% of land buyers/sellers ascertain the following information before purchasing/selling a land. First, land ownership; second, the legal processes involved in the acquisition/sale of a land and; third, the suitability of a land for a purpose. This is defrauding the buyers.  Land Litigation cases are rampant among court cases. Land disputes and litigation are causing troubles within and among families, communities and ethnic groups all over the country. There has been a lot of demolishing exercises carried out; flooding, and tidal waves raiding lands. These as results lead to the loss of huge sums of money due to the destruction of business infrastructures and houses which affect the financial status of people, their family and their SMEs.

Our Goal: To reduce the loss of huge sums of money and properties as results of the unsuitability of a land for a particular purpose and land ownership disputes in Ghana. The details of the legal land owner, land boundaries, site suitability and the legal land registration process will be provided on a web application called ‘Just Land’.

Mission: Incorporation of GIS for providing creative, effective and long-lasting solutions to African Community and Industrial Problems.

Vision:  J-CommIT envisions African industries and communities relying strongly on Spatial Technologies for effective decision-making by the year 2020.

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